One of our goals is to support local artisans in their craft. We have invested much thought, time, and effort choosing what we believe to be some of Seattle’s best purveyors of coffee, beer, and food products.  We are proud and honored to serve goods from these fine Seattle area businesses:

Slate Coffee Roasters

Standard Brewing Company

Holy Mountain Brewing

Cloudburst Brewing

Seapine Brewing

Elemental Cider

house-made granola

granola made with gluten free oats served with fruit jam, spiced honey, & a CHOICE of milk, soy milk, almond milk, or yogurt
$5 / $8


breakfast burrito

egg, kale, sweet potato, cilantro, feta, chipotle creme fraiche & a CHOICE of chorizo OR avocado OR Field Roast veggie sausage.  Served with a radish, red onion, & cilantro slaw
*can be made in a bowl (gluten free)
vegan burrito

roasted cauliflower, pablano peppers, corn, onion, kale, sweet potato, cilantro, avocado, & Field Roast (vegan).  Served with a radish, red onion, & cilantro slaw
*NO substitutions *can be made in a bowl (gluten free)
avocado toast

fried egg, arugula, scallions, radish, sesame seeds, & a lemon tahini sauce on whole wheat toast
*can be made as a salad **can be made vegan
breakfast sandwich

fried medium egg, bacon, arugula, lemon-pepper cream cheese, sun dried tomato aioli, & red onions on ciabatta
roasted vegetable hash

roasted seasonal vegetables served with chevre, aleppo pepper aioli, parsley & 2 eggs any style (add sausage or avocado for $2)
*gluten free **can be made vegan


bowl of soup of the day

with bread or side salad (both add $2)
cup of soup $4


add avocado, bacon, sausage, or bread for $2. add brisket $5.
mixed greens

pears, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, fresh goat cheese, & a red wine vinaigrette
*gluten free **can be made vegan
$7 / $12

chickpeas, broccoli, shaved carrots, red onions, feta, & a cilantro-avocado dressing
*gluten free **can be made vegan
$7 / $12


(served with a simple arugula side salad or potato chips)
braised brisket

frisee, scallions, red cabbage, ginger-sesame sauce, & a teriyaki aioli
*can be made as a salad (gluten free)
vegetable panini (allow 15min)

curry spiced cauliflower, sriracha-lime aioli, sharp cheddar, red onions, & cilantro vinaigrette
*can be made vegan


(served only on Thursdays from 5-8pm)

Mexican chorizo with roasted sweet potatoes, topped with red onion, radish, feta, & thinned yogurt

braised brisket topped with chipotle creme fraiche & pickled shallots
veggie (vegan)

roasted poblano peppers, cauliflower, & corn, topped with grilled pineapple, chopped yellow onion, & a creamy avocado sauce

cumin spiced shrimp topped with a red & yellow bell pepper,
red onion, & apple slaw, & a zesty aleppo sauce
all tacos made with gluten free corn tortillas & topped with fresh lime juice & chopped cilantro


granola bar $4
chocolate-coconut oatball $2
morning glory muffin $4
brownie $4
chocolate chip cookie $2.50
COFFEE 8oz / 12oz / 16oz
espresso, americano, doppio, macchiato $3.00 · $3.00 · $3.00
drip $2.00 · $2.50 · $3.00
latte, mocha, cappuccino $3.50 · $4.00 · ——-
iced americano $3.50 · $3.50 · $3.50
hot tea $2.50 · $2.50 · $3.00
iced tea $3.50 · $4.00 · $4.50
chai latte $3.50 · $4.00 · $4.50
apple/orange/grapefruit juice $4.00 · $6.00 · $8.00
kombucha $4.00 · $6.00 · $8.00
Malus ginger beer ——- · $5.00 · ——-
Mexican Coke ——- · $2.00 · ——-
La Croix ——- · $2.00 · ——-