Peloton is the product of serendipity.  We met each other because we ride bicycles and embrace the culture that comes with that passion.


Mckenzie Hart attended culinary school and quickly worked her way through the Seattle restaurant scene spending time as lead cook at Cafe Presse, working as sous chef at Sitka & Spruce, and was tasked with running the kitchen at The London Plane in Pioneer Square.


Dustin Riggs opted out of a post career in military services to pursue his passion for cycling. His experience acquired servicing one of the United States Navy’s most advanced nuclear powered aircraft carriers along with his propensity to be a master at fixing all things mechanical lent to his eventual position as warranty manager for Seattle’s oldest and largest bicycle shops.  Not to mention, Dustin is a world champion bicycle polo competitor and has travelled the globe representing Seattle Bike Polo.


Paul Danos lived his formative years in academia earning degrees in business and computer science.  Along the way, he spent time delivering food for local restaurants on his bicycle and traveling the country playing bicycle polo.  After landing in Seattle, he spent several years at one of the city’s largest bicycle shops, which gave him the opportunity to be sent to United Bicycle Institute to be educated in the areas of hydraulic and suspension systems.